Digital Assets

Copy that converts: social ads, banner ads, in-app messages

Social story ad

For a marketing campaign promoting The Washington Post's 2022 midterm elections coverage, I collaborated with our brand designers and subscriptions team to devise a creative concept that nodded to our tagline, "Democracy Dies in Darkness."

Social feed ad

As part of The Washington Post's inaugural "Open Days" campaign, this social ad drove traffic to the Business section, where the paywall was removed for registered users.

Banner ads

These ads occupied the homepage of The Washington Post for a full day as part of the launch campaign for an environmentally conscious newsletter. The dynamic corner tiles read "Save the planet. Savor your plate."

Social feed ad

Part of the same newsletter launch above, this animated ad yielded a unique clickthrough rate of 8% on Facebook and Instagram.

In-app message

As part of a rebrand campaign, this message appeared within members' mobile application to introduce the new brand.